I studied a bit of Macromedia Shockwave, back when I was in college. I used it to make a simple animation in the first website I ever built. That was in 1996. Since then, I have not done anything with Flash.  I have had an irrational aversion to it. I almost needed to know it when I was asked to upgrade a real estate site, but the Actionscript code used by the original developer was inaccessible, so I had to rebuild the site from scratch. I did it with HTML and Javascript, and got the same outcome, without using any Flash.

I think that part of my aversion was due to the Flash intro fad, which I hated very much. It was especially bad, because I was still using dial-up internet when Flash intros were at their peak.  My attitude started to change when Youtube became popular, and I started playing Flash games in Facebook.

I now want to learn Flash. I started last night and I have already made significant progress.  With over 20 years of programming experience, I can easily learn Actionscript. It’s just another programming language, and it bears many similarities to other languages that I already know. As with all other languages/technologies that I have learned, I am making a practical application to teach myself the basics. I am redeveloping a variant of Tetris that I originally created in 8086 Assembler for a final project in college.