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Melon Fart

A very attractive woman was standing behind me in line an the supermarket today. She smiled at me and I smiled at her. I suddenly noticed a scent emanating from her that was a mixture of honeydew melon and fart. I immediately turned away and ignored her. A few minutes later, I checked again. We had moved a significant distance and I was wondering if the odor might have been coming from something else in the vicinity of where we had been standing. The odor was still coming from her.



Every time I see “Obama”, I pause for a moment and wonder why Osama bin Laden has so much power in this country, before I realize that I misread the name.

I got banned after only three days. I should have anticipated this. I had a rough start when I couldn’t submit an entry after working on it for two hours. The problem is that they demand 10 forum comments/posts before anyone can participate. Many of the posts that I looked at were closed. I found a few that I could comment on but not enough. My work was wasted.

I considered abandoning the site at that point, but I gave it another try. I eventually found their “hangout” thread and complete the necessary requirements, but a few of my comments got deleted and were responded to with hostility by moderators. I wasn’t trolling or being argumentative, but they did not like the obviousness of my attempt to get 10 comments.

I finally submitted something, but it was for a different contest. The first one expired before I got my 10 comments. I discovered today that my submission was rejected. It wasn’t because I submitted crap. It was rejected because I used 3D graphics software. This is a really stupid reason to reject a submission. Their official explanation is that vectors can be resized and raster images cannot, but 3D can be re-rendered at different resolutions. It’s actually a vector but of a different type.

A simple rejection of my submission would not have been so bad. What happened is I submitted twice. The first submission was missing the name of the company, so I submitted a revised version. Both of my submissions for this specific contest got rejected. There is a 30 point penalty for each rejection and I only had 10 points. That means I now have -50 points, which is an automatic ban.

This was the submission that got me banned:

For my sister’s 16th birthday, my father decided to celebrate with pizza. It was the only time that this had ever been done. Most birthdays were completely ignored, except for my grandmother’s birthdays, which were celebrated with cake. I was 5 years old at the time, and I still recall this event very clearly. Everyone ate the pizza except for me.

My mother had decided that I was too young to eat it. I’m not sure if she thought I would choke on the cheese. It didn’t make sense to me then, and it still does not make sense to me now. I was irrationally excluded from many family activities with my age being the excuse, but the ones relating to food are most vivid in my mind. I was also excluded from eating noodles once because my mother was convinced that I would choke on them. I was four at the time. I don’t recall if I cried, but my mother eventually gave me some that she broke into small pieces. I didn’t want it anymore at that point.

My family had pizza together yesterday. We got together for our annual visit to the cemetery. After the event, my mother decided to get pizza for us. It was the first family pizza event since my sister’s 16th birthday 29 years ago. I seriously considered eating the pizza despite knowing that it would make me ill, but I decided against it, because I did not have lactase with me and I did not want diarrhea during the long journey home. The reason that I wanted to eat the pizza was because of a psychological theory which is highly questionable. The theory is that reenacting traumas with a different outcome from the original can have a significant therapeutic effect.

I often think about how much of my relationship with food was shaped by the psychological traumas. Some of my food sensitivities most likely have a physiological basis. My lactose intolerance is very common among Chinese people. Some reactions are less clear, and do not necessarily manifest in a physiologically observable form. Since I started cooking for myself, I have always felt terrible after eating my mother’s cooking. This could be mostly or entirely psychosomatic. She doesn’t use certified organic ingredients, and she tends to be less hygienic in her food preparation, but my reaction is mostly just a very bad feeling inside. I don’t hurt and don’t consistently get diarrhea from eating her cooking. I just can’t think clearly and feel very weak. Most “bad” foods do this to me.

During my journey home, I took a brief detour to buy pizza. I considered getting the regular kind, but I had already been poisoned by my mother’s cooking earlier, and I didn’t want to do much more damage. I decided on certified organic pizza with no extra toppings. That was dinner last night, along with lactase, probiotics, and a multitude of other supplements. It just wasn’t the same eating it alone. I had mild diarrhea this morning, but I feel fine.

Narrow Escape

I don’t use Linkedin, but I have an account there. I made an account a long time ago just to see what it was about.  I decided to put in a link to blog-stalk, because I figured that it would help to improve my Google rank.

Last week, I got an email from Linkedin with a list of suggested links. My sister was on the list.  I hurriedly modified my profile to remove the blog-stalk link. I don’t want family finding that site, because I blog about personal things there that I don’t want them to read. My brother just sent a Linkedin request today.


I studied a bit of Macromedia Shockwave, back when I was in college. I used it to make a simple animation in the first website I ever built. That was in 1996. Since then, I have not done anything with Flash.  I have had an irrational aversion to it. I almost needed to know it when I was asked to upgrade a real estate site, but the Actionscript code used by the original developer was inaccessible, so I had to rebuild the site from scratch. I did it with HTML and Javascript, and got the same outcome, without using any Flash.

I think that part of my aversion was due to the Flash intro fad, which I hated very much. It was especially bad, because I was still using dial-up internet when Flash intros were at their peak.  My attitude started to change when Youtube became popular, and I started playing Flash games in Facebook.

I now want to learn Flash. I started last night and I have already made significant progress.  With over 20 years of programming experience, I can easily learn Actionscript. It’s just another programming language, and it bears many similarities to other languages that I already know. As with all other languages/technologies that I have learned, I am making a practical application to teach myself the basics. I am redeveloping a variant of Tetris that I originally created in 8086 Assembler for a final project in college.

The Early Wakeup

I survived. I think that I may have solved the sleep part of it. Rehmannia with epimedium seems to work consistently in helping me to wake up early without feeling like I am going to die.  The remaining half of the problem is resetting the circadian rhythm for my intestines. I still can’t do early morning bowel movements consistently.