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Toxic Impulse Purchase

I was at Lee’s Art Supplies yesterday passing the time until my next appointment. I wanted to buy a pen to carry with me all the time and almost bought a decent fountain pen. At the last moment, I made an impulsive decision to buy a copper gilding pen instead. It just seemed much cooler. I failed to read the warnings on the label until I got home. This thing is extremely toxic and I will probably never use it.

Advertisements Down

More than half of my sites have been down today due to the failure. All sites have been back up for the past two hours, but there are still many intermittent failures. Mydomaindotcom indicates on Twitter that the failure is due to a denial of service attack, but the timing is highly suspicious. Today is the first day that .co domain name registration becomes available to the general public. I’m trying to extricate my sites from this mess, but I can’t change any DNS settings until I can log into the control system.

Does Buzz Lightyear know about transfinite numbers?

Culinary Telekinesis

I had a dream about having telekinetic powers that only worked on food. I think that this symbolizes something far more profound. Food represents power in my mind, because what I ate was something I couldn’t choose until I moved into my own apartment. My parents always decided what I ate and when I ate it. I had no part in making the choices and I had not part in the process of cooking. I think this dream represents a desire for power over aspects of my life that are beyond my control.


This is my 13th post. Despite understanding the ridiculousness of it, I can’t let go of the irrational belief that it’s associated with bad luck. I think that there is a deep psychological reason. It gives me something that I can control most of the time. I can avert disaster by just avoiding this one thing. It gives me hope that chaos is not completely out of my control.

The Sound of Thunder

When I lived with my parents, I could always distinguish the sound of fireworks from the sound of thunder. The timing of the booms was very different. I seem to have lost this ability. I was pretty sure that thunder was always further apart. At the end of a fireworks display, there is typically a lot of rapid explosions. Thunder was never like this. It’s usually much further apart in time, on the order of minutes, during most of the storm. The culmination could be much closer, but typically no more than two or three per second.

This has somehow changed. Thunder can happen several dozen times per second now. I’m not sure if it’s a geographical, climactic, or psychological change. I previously lived in downtown Manhattan. The proximity to the East River and The World Trade Center could have had an effect on the frequency of lightning strikes in the area. Now I am living further from water and tall buildings. I also seldom see fireworks displays now. They had been very frequent where I lived when I was younger.


I don’t have a decent functioning mouse. My main one died yesterday despite being “virtually indestructible”. The body of the mouse is truly as durable as they claim, but the cable broke at the point where it connects to the body.

I am currently using an old mouse that I stopped using because it stops functioning completely every 5 to 10 minutes. I have an alternative built into my keyboard, but it’s a highly inconvenient tilt button system.This is stifling all my internet activities and all graphics projects are suspended until I get the new mouse. I ordered a replacement online, but the estimated date of arrival is May 19.

The Usefulness of Twitter

I have had a Twitter account for over a year, but I never found a compelling use of it until today. I tried several times to use it as a microblogging site, but I found the 140 character limit to be too restrictive, and the reply feature is very lacking. For blogs, I either use blogstalk or wordpress.

What happened earlier today was a failure of some websites that I own. They didn’t load properly and the hosting company’s website also didn’t load, so I couldn’t contact technical support or get a status update. Theplanet had a router failure in Texas and my hosting company gets it’s internet from them. I first tried Google News, but they are too slow. They take at least two to three hours before reporting anything. I also tried Slashdot, because it’s a technical thing, but they also have delays due to the approval process.

Twitter was the only site that had any information about the outage. Within five minutes, there were Tweets from other site owners who had outages. Most notably, there were tweets from my hosting company. I won’t rely on Twitter as my primary news source, but I will use it again to check on recent events that I don’t see reported in the news found at other venues.

I have been feeling very tense for the past several days. It started as a combination of sleep deprivation and elevated testosterone. This was followed by a fight with a former e-friend who apparently had been harboring secret hostilities over a misunderstanding for nearly a year. The tension peaked last night when I was assaulted by paint fumes from my neighbor. Opening the window did not help, because his windows were also open. The fumes wafted from multiple directions.

I felt an almost instant sense of relief when the rain started falling. It cleansed the paint fumes from the air, and the sweltering heat went away. My mind can finally see a glimpse of peace again.

The woman on the train

I saw her get on at 14th Street. There were a few empty seats, but she sat down on the floor without looking around. This odd behavior immediately drew more of my attention, and I began to notice the blemishes on her skin and the odd grayish color of her hands. I wondered if she was a heroine addict.

She frantically searched through her purse, placing various items on the floor without regard for hygiene. The anguish on her face was ambiguous, something between dread and annoyance. I wondered if she was desperately trying to find her drugs. Her face changed immediately when she found what she was looking for. It was a bottle of perfume. She splashed copious amounts on her neck, followed by copious amounts on her crotch. That’s when I concluded that she was probably a prostitute.

After the foundation was applied, her facial blemishes became invisible, but there were still abnormal blemishes on her legs which she did not seem to care about. She spent the next ten minutes applying makeup and brushing her hair. She finished just in time to get off the train at 36th Street. A subtle scent of homelessness wafted in the air as she walked passed me. I wondered if her next client would notice or care.